◼ EXPERIENCE: understood as knowledge already acquired, but also as possible new frontiers to be discovered, represents one of the values on which the work in the company is based.

◼ QUALITY: customer satisfaction leads us to the continuous search for the highest standards qualitative both relative to the product itself but also in relation to relationships commercial / administrative.

◼ INNOVATION: the world of work is moving forward and we are with it. State-of-the-art technologies, markets foreign, technical materials, are just some of the company objectives to be able to compete with a market in continuous progress.

◼ HUMAN RESOURCES: the company is made up of people, each precious for the role it plays. A reality as small as ours requires the utmost care and the search for attentive and dedicated staff to his work that can grow with and in the company.

The Management has therefore decided to adopt and maintain a Quality Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard that can guarantee:
- A flexible, effective and efficient organizational structure;
- Compliance with the requirements mandatory;
- The awareness and constant involvement of those who, at all levels, contribute to the creation of products, both internal staff and external collaborators;
- The continuous improvement of business processes and resource management, with particular regard to technological innovations in the sector.

The Management also
- In collaboration with the other corporate functions, it establishes performance indicators for the various business processes;
- Guarantees the maximum commitment and availability of adequate resources to achieve the objectives set;
- It gives Quality Manager, authority and responsibility to guarantee and verify the application and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

The management undertakes to manage and supervise the QMS according to the mandatory regulations with an approach to RiskBased Thinking.

Alfaplastic has determined the processes necessary for the quality management system and the related measurable indicators useful for improvement, has carried out an analysis to address risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives and has identified the relevant stakeholders for the quality management system and its expectations and systematically analyzes it.

On the occasion of the periodic review and on the basis of the data relating to the various company processes, the Management issues the document which contains:
a) the definition of the lines to be undertaken in the various company areas, the responsibilities and timing of their implementation;
b) the definition or revision of the quality objectives and the indicators for verifying the achievement of the objectives themselves;
c) decisions relating to the adequacy of resources (in terms of human resources, equipment, technologies, ..).

This document is reissued annually, disclosed to staff and is the tool that guides the company in its path of resolving the deficiencies found and identifying opportunities for continuous improvement. The communication and information process is essential to involve all employees and other interested parties so that they are aware of the importance of achieving corporate objectives, in line with corporate policies.

The policies are disclosed to all staff through posting within the workplace and through meetings involving the entire workforce, training sessions for company functions or through internal communications, in order to update all employees on any improvement actions or on new business objectives. These documents thus become the tools that guide the company in its path of solving the deficiencies found and identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.