Alfa Plastic is able to support the customer not only during the design and construction of the mold but also during the preliminary study of the piece to be made and by the choice of the most suitable material.

To do this, Alfa Plastic srl uses a technical office equipped with the most modern CAD and CAM design systems and all its experience in this sector.

This experience allows us to know how to work with most plastic materials including PPO | ABS | PPMA | PC | PA6 | PA66 | PA12 | POM | PBT | PSU | PPSU | PPS | LCP | PPA | PARA (IXEF) | PE | HDPE | LLDPE | TPV | TPO | TPC | TPE in general


Today prototyping has evolved with new methods, approaches and tools and is used during a production process to develop ideas, validate concepts, collect feedback, explore technologies, make decisions and discover other opportunities for improvement. 

Understanding the interactions, dynamics and functionality of a product has now become indispensable. Alfa Plastic is able to create a pre-series of the product through different prototyping techniques:

  • Da pieno e lavorandolo in centri di lavoro CNC;
  • Prototipazione rapida (outsourcing):
    • Sinterizzazione selettiva di polveri;
    • Fotopolimerizzazione di monomeri liquidi;
    • Stratificazioni


Alfa Plastic srl boasts a great experience in the production for third parties of products in plastic material from the few units up to large production lots. Our continuous technical updating and constant investments in new technologies and training allow us to be able to produce even complex components with the following production techniques:

  • Injection molding
  • Assisted gas injection molding
  • Overmoulding / co-molding
  • Blowing
  • High pressure blowing


Alfa Plastic srl is able to perform high precision operations on every single component produced. This allows us to provide the customer with a complete service from design to the finished product with a single client, being able to manage all these types of work internally and externally:

  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Vibration welding
  • Hot blade welding
  • Heat treatment
  • Conditioning
  • Painting
  • Pad Printing
  • Metallisation (mirror lamination)

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a dynamic network of SMEs in the province of Reggio Emilia who, while maintaining their autonomy, in 2010 decided to share experiences and skills and appear on the market as a single entity, in order to offer a 360 ° panorama of the world Rubber and Plastics.