Alfa Plastic srl has always invested in new technologies and in the training of its employees, allowing us to become one of the reference points in the rubber-plastic sector in the production of even complex parts in blowing and injection.

blow molding (or blow molding) is particularly suitable for the production of a variety of hollow-body items such as tanks, jerry cans, air ducts and more.
Alfa Plastic srl it boasts a great working experience with this technique and can produce a wide range of products both in terms of size and complexity.

injection molding is one of the most important shaping processes in the processing of plastic materials. Through this process it is possible to economically produce components in large quantities and with high configuration freedom. Internal threads, undercuts, serrations or free-form surfaces are also possible.


Workshop and CNC

The workshop equipped with several numerical control machines allows us to create equipment and molds, as well as to promptly intervene in case of problems in production.

Injection moulding machines

From micro molding to production of large parts, including gas assisted. Treatment and transport of materials carried out with modern technologies. Machines with bimetal plasticizing chambers that allow the transformation of the most varied thermoplastic materials.

Blowing machine

Blow molding is a technology that allows to obtain hollow products, even complex geometries, with different types of technopolymers.

Post-production machines

Anthropomorphic robotic line for high precision machining, welding of various types and customized testing lines are some of the technologies applied in the final phase.